Welcome to the Two Paths campaign!

The campaign has not yet been fleshed out, no map of the world yet exists, and only a vague outline of organizations and their plots yet exists. But there is a plan, and I hope to reveal it by the end of the current adventure.

Hi, I’m your DM, Robert. I’ll be guiding you through the world as you help me shape facets of it (if you are inspired to do so). I’ll be accepting input as to what you’d like to see a little at a time. Since I am relatively new to DMing, I very much appreciate your patience as I figure out how to incorporate your ideas into the world that exists in our collective imaginations.

Check out the rest of the wiki, a set of web pages you can edit yourselves, and add whatever you’d like (that is relevant) to the story. Your character histories, thoughts on the current adventure’s clues, opinions on what you think of NPCs and your fellow adventurers… whatever you like.

Two Paths